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The beautifully vivid patterns and durability are some of the major reasons why granite continues to be the most preferred material for the best stone countertops Utah. Granite also is quite resilient to heat, abrasions and stains, which is another reason for it to be a firm favorite for most of the kitchen countertops in the Utah region.

Granite is a natural stone which is quarried from below the earth’s surface. It has over a thousand years in the making and is able to truly stand the test of time. Granite offers unrivaled beauty and elegance which cannot be offered by most of the synthetic imitations available in the countertop market today. No two pieces of granite looks the same, and it make stone countertops Utah elegantly distinctive, which cannot be obtained by using any other countertop material in the Utah region.

There are a few features that need to be considered when selecting granite stone countertops Utah. The color is one of the most important things to consider when you are ordering the countertop. One of the most notable features of granite is its diverse color palette. The natural colors of granite would range from beige, rose pink to classic black & white and light red. There are rich green colored and multi-colored stones too. You can choose a color that matches your kitchen and its furniture.

Another feature to consider is the finish of the granite stone. There are a number of different finishes available for granite. A polished finish would give a shiny mirror-like effect to the countertop. It will intensify the color and pattern of the stone giving more sparkle to the stone. A honed finish will give the countertop a smooth non-reflective surface. A bruised or an antiqued finish would give a textured, slightly worn appearance to the countertop.

Granite is considered one of the hardest stones for interior applications. The durability and beauty would naturally make it the choice for stone countertops in the Utah region.

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