Marble Countertops Utah – A Story Of Great Workmanship

Although they may seem quite expensive, marble countertops in Utah provide excellent value.

If you want a quarried slab marble, you may discover it exceeds your financial possibilities, but if you’re fine with a countertop made from marble tiles, you can surely enjoy it for a price that won’t break the bank.

The best thing about marble countertops Utah is that they come in a variety of colors and veining, thus making it impossible not to find one that you simply love. The veining, which is characteristic to marble, comes from the fact that it is a sedimentary rock, therefore the original impurities in the stone will show inside its structure as different colors. The purest marble is white, but that’s not so popular for kitchen countertops.

Marble Quarry in Italy.

Marble Quarry in Italy.

Another method marble countertops Utah are made is by using cultured marble. This is an alternative to those prohibitively expensive marble slabs. The solution is best for people who don’t fancy the tiles and who would like a continuous material as their countertop. These counters are made from crushed marble and a thermoplastic resin that binds everything together. Each cultured marble countertop is unique. They are custom made to match the kitchen they were designed for. Although they look very much like real, one piece marble, they have one drawback you should be aware of if you think of getting one for yourself: the surface can be easily scratched and the material is not heat resistant. If you are able to take care not to use those knives directly on the counter surface, you can enjoy its exquisite beauty for a very long time.

Choosing one type of countertop or another may prove to be quite hard. If you consider that a surface made from tiles is easier to repair, you may want to choose that option, especially if you have children who could chip your countertops. If you get a one-piece counter, you’ll have difficulties should you ever need to repair it.

If you aren’t sure what to choose, our marble countertops Utah specialists can help you. They can offer you all needed information regarding each and every option, so you’ll be able to decide what’s best for you and what you can afford. We are always doing our best to help our clients choose the best solutions, so they can get the highest quality for their money.

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