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Anyone looking for a kitchen countertop made by Silestone Utah, is definitely making the right choice in replacing an existing countertop or installing a brand new countertop. Silestone’s countertops are not only popular in Utah but in most of the other states in the USA. Before choosing a countertop made by Silestone Utah, you need to learn more about the product, and the major benefits of installing such countertops in your home. This article will highlight the benefits of countertops made by Silestone in Utah and other states in the USA.

Silestone is the world’s largest producer of quarts surfaces designed for kitchen and bathrooms. They manufacture countertops and sinks with their advanced bacteristatic technology. Silestone is renowned for the genuine 15 year transferable warranty that they offer their customers. Silestone products are composed of 94% natural quartz and is equipped with the unique bacteriostatic protection technology. The only brand with the bacteriostatic technology in the world is Silestone. Latest generation silver ions are used to prevent the propagation of bacteria within the surface. The silver ions will interact with the bacteria and destroy them. This would help to maintain a high quality sanitation in your kitchen and the bathroom. Silestone products are certified as some of the highest quality products in the world.

The texture and color options available with the Silestone countertops and other products is the other reason for the products to be so popular in the market. Alpina White, Aluminio Nube, Altair, Palmira, Amarillo Arena and Amazon are some of the colors available with Silestone countertops. If you prefer light colors, you can choose from several colors such as Capri, Bianco Rivers, Mapple and Dune.

The advantages of using Silestone countertops include: the non porous surfaces are highly resistant to stains such as coffee, vinegar, oil and makeups, quartz is one of the hardest and most durable materials in the world and are resistant to acids, impact resistance helps to handle hard objects without any damage to the countertop etc. There are many more benefits of using Silestone products to the ones listed here. The products are affordable and durable, which would help to save money as the countertops could be used for a long period of time without any replacement.

The above mentioned are some of the major benefits of using countertops and other products manufactured by Silestone Utah, which is a high quality countertop manufacturer in the USA.

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